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Yishun Junior College 11th Math & Science Quiz 2010

Woodgrove Secondary sent two teams of four students, namely Goh Swen Yee, Shermaine Goh, Yap Ying Ying and Joel Yuen from 4E1 for Team A and Ong Sing Ling, Rachael Goh, Danial Arun and Han Pei Yun from 4E2 for Team B to participate in the Yishun Junior College 11th Math and Science Quiz 2010 held on 24 July 2010.


In addition to being exposed to the competition questions which are a level higher than what is covered in the O-levels syllabus, the students also had a chance to view magic which was based on chemical reactions. In addition, they also managed to get a slight glimpse of what JC life is like through interaction with the two YJC ambassadors that was attached to them throughout the whole event. 


Front, left to right: Sing Ling, Pei Yun, Rachael, Shermaine

Back, left to right: Joel, Danial, Ying Ying, Swen Yee, Mrs Shirley Choo (LH Math)